What is Portage Camping? A Helpful Beginner’s Guide

portage camping portaging canoe carrying backcountry camping

Portage camping is a fantastic way to explore the backcountry and easily my favourite way to enjoy more of the outdoors. For the average camper, however, portage camping can seem pretty intimidating. Packing everything you need into a canoe and paddling into the wilderness… Navigating waterways, and overland trails… Absolutely it can seem daunting! It […]

High Altitude Camping and Hiking: 9 Critical Tips Before You Ascend

camping and hiking at high elevation

Whether you’re making your way up to the Everest base camp, or summiting a local mountain, high altitude camping and hiking can be an exhilarating experience. Technically, “high altitude” starts around 8,000 feet since this is where the human body’s saturation level of oxygen in your hemoglobin (a.k.a. your blood-oxygen level) begins to decrease rapidly. […]

22 Gifts Ideas Campers and Hikers Are Wishing for All-Year Round!

hiking camping hiker trek gift ideas backpacking alpine mountain

Searching for the perfect gift for campers and hikers can be quite challenging. There is a seemingly infinite amount of equipment and gadgets tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts. But which camping and hiking products are worth it? And, what camping and hiking equipment can make the great outdoors more enjoyable? Well, here’s my list of the […]

Ultra Long Term Review of the Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad [Pro-lite Plus]

Therm-a-rest pro-lite plus sleeping pad

When it comes to high performance and high quality camping sleeping pads on the market, Therm-a-Rest produces some of the best. In my experience, Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads are designed with 3 key things in mind: performance, ease of use, and value. Personally, I’ve been using my Therm-a-Rest Pro-lite Plus sleeping pad for over 10 years […]

What are the Best Camping Knives? [Top 5] – Bushcraft, Hunting, Survival

Fish knife

The best camping knives are effective tools that enhance your outdoor experience without having to make any sacrifices. But, what makes some camping knives better than others? And, more importantly, what aspects should you consider when looking for an outdoor knife? After countless backcountry adventures, speaking with outdoor specialists, and hours upon hours of research […]

10 Fun Camping Activities & Ideas [Perfect for Kids and Adults]


For individuals and families looking for fun camping activities, look no further! In addition to just being in nature, camping offers so many opportunities for individuals to hone outdoors skills and families to connect through various activities. So, whether you’re camping with kids, adults, or exploring solo, checkout this list of 10 classic camping activities […]

Yoga for Camping – 7 Essential Stretches For Any Outdoor Adventure

Yoga and stretches outdoors for camping

To get your body ready for all your camping adventures, it’s essential that you incorporate stretches or yoga into your morning routine. And, just like any sport, stretches and yoga will allow your muscles, tendons, and joints to strengthen and warm up before or after rigorous activity. Incorporating stretches and yoga when camping can help […]

Best Sport Headlamps [Top 3] – Camping, Climbing, Cycling & More!

Headlamp mountains

Some of the best headlamps on the market these days are so versatile and practical that they have become an essential part of certain recreational activities and sports. From camping and cycling, to hiking and hunting, headlamps offer compact, hands-free illumination. So, if you’re looking to step-up your lighting game, you might want to consider […]

What the Heck is Bivouacking? – Ultralight Shelters Explained [Bivy Sack]

Bivouac bivouacking

Chance are you’ve heard about “bivouacking” and a “bivy sack” but don’t really know what it’s all about. Well, truthfully, I never knew what bivouacking or a bivy bag was either until recently. Actually, the first time I heard about a bivy sack was when I was watching a mountaineering documentary about summiting Annapurna. But, […]

How to Make Water Safe to Drink for Camping – Lakes, Rivers, Streams

Water Filter Safe for Camping

It’s critical that access to and consumption of safe drinking water is included when planning any camping trip. This is especially true when camping in the backcountry. Sources of water such as rivers, lakes, and streams can appear to be free and clear of pathogens. However, neglecting to apply adequate water treatment methods can expose […]

How to Build Your Own Camping Utility Belt – Knife, Bear Spray and More!

Camping Utility Belt Components

A camping utility belt is the pinnacle of functionality while in the outdoors. It enables campers to be more productive and provides accessibility to essential tools. Furthermore, a versatile camping utility belt allows quick access to potentially life saving gear such as bear spray, a knife, or even a handgun. So, instead of purchasing an […]

How to Play Patchwork [2 Player] – Board Game Setup, Instructions & Tips!


If you’re looking for a competitive board game with simple rules, short playtime, that’s tailor-made for two people, and highly addictive, looking no further! Patchwork is a relatively unknown two-player board game that’s easy to learn, relatively inexpensive, lasts about 30 minutes, and great for both kids and adults. The objective of Patchwork, a textile-inspired […]

5 Eye Popping Anniversary Edition Board Games Worth Asking Santa For

Anniversary or Special Edition Board Games

Once in a while, beloved board games comes out with an anniversary or special editions that are just jaw dropping. From high quality tokens, to stunning and improved illustrations, these versions of board games are highly coveted. And, although these anniversary editions are usually more expensive than the originals, some board games include bonus features […]

Forget the Axe! 4 Reasons Why a Folding Camping Saw is a Better Choice

Folding Camping Saw

If there’s one piece of backcountry gear that’s often overlooked it’s a folding camping saw. That’s because, for some reason, saws aren’t usually listed in camping checklists. More often than not, axes and hatchets are listed as the “must have”. It’s surely because axes are synonymous with camping and “roughing it”, and have been glorified […]

7 [Foolproof] Luxury Camping Items for Everyone – Say Hello to Glamping!

glamping luxury camping

Love it or hate it, ‘glamping’ has quickly gained in popularity in recent years. Once shunned by outdoor diehards, it has now become a common means for new and old campers to enjoy the outdoors. Glamping, a combination of the words glamourous and camping, is synonymous with luxurious camping. And with luxurious camping comes luxurious […]

10 Car Camping Essentials You Can’t Forget! [Checklist & Guide]

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an extended trip, car camping is the perfect opportunity to escape our daily routine – to bask and recharge in the great outdoors.  It is the quintessential summer activity, relatively inexpensive, and great for individuals, couples and families. Car camping is super easy and convenient – your car does all […]