4 High-End Luxury Board Games for the Rich and Geeky

Luxury Edition Board Games

High-end luxury versions of board games have been around for millennia, even as far back as ancient Egypt. It’s true…

Did you know, several games were found in King Tut’s tomb including an Egyptian board game called Senet? Who knew King Tut was such a gamer!

Finely crafted with exquisite materials and pain-staking detail, luxury editions of board games are highly prized by the rich and geeky.

And when not in use these board games double as a decorative center piece in your home for friends and family to gawk over.

But you don’t have to be a famous pharaoh to enjoy a high-end board game. If fact, luxury editions of board games can be coveted by all!

Here are 4 high-end luxury board games you can enjoy.

Gameplay: 15 to 60 minutes
Players: 3 to 6
Transportability: Low
Difficulty to Learn: Medium
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Expansions: Yes
Price: $250 – $275

Clue - Luxury Edition Board Game

Fans of the murder mystery game Clue will absolutely marvel at the luxury edition of this classic board game.

The original game consists of a flat board depicting each room in the Boddy mansion where the crime must be solved. This version, however, is a three-dimensional masterpiece!

Housed in a beautiful burl-wood cabinet, each room is intricately detailed underneath a clear glass playing surface.

It’s very reminiscent of a diorama and makes the gaming experience completely immersive.

Some other highlights of this version include:

  • Wooden character tokens with metal bases
  • Classic murder weapons made from metal
  • Cards and the solution envelop accented with gold-foil
  • Faux leather storage box to house all game components

The craftsmanship and attention to every tiny detail is truly exquisite. And not only is this version of Clue a true gem to play, it also doubles as a display piece in your home.

Your friends and family are guaranteed to be envious when they see it for the first time.

So, whether you’re an amateur or professional sleuth, the world of crime solving never looked better than Clue luxury edition!

Looking for the complete rules to play Clue? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 60 to 180 minutes
Players: 2 to 8
Transportability: Low
Difficulty to Learn: Medium
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Expansions: No
Price: $230 – $250

Monopoly - Luxury Edition Board Game

Love it or hate it, Monopoly has been pitting friends and family against one another for decades.

And throughout the years the game has evolved and changed to reflect modern aspects of the world.

Everything from the board graphics to the player tokens have been modified or updated to try to keep the game relevant over the years.

Yet, there’s something timeless about Monopoly that keeps it fresh in the hearts and minds of gamers, both new and old.

So, it makes sense that a luxury edition of Monopoly was created to commemorate this iconic board game.

From the wood-finished board to the vintage font play money, this high-end version is wonderful for Monopoly fanatics.

Some other highlights of this version include:

  • Cast metal houses, hotels and player tokens
  • Gold foil accented board
  • Recessed faux leather rolling area built into the board
  • Built in money and pieces drawer
  • Built in cards and rule booklet drawer

The look and feel of the board and pieces screams luxury and opulence. 

Yes, this version of Monopoly is close to 10 times the cost of the standard version. But I have no doubt it would be highly prized by board game enthusiast and adored by all.

Looking for the complete rules to play Monopoly? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 40 to 60 minutes
Players: 2 to 4
Transportability: Low
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 4 minutes
Expansions: No
Price: $180 – $200

Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

For people that have a knack for spelling, a game of Scrabble can be very relaxing and even cathartic. For others, it can feel borderline torturous, coming up with words to gain the most points before the timer runs out.

Whenever I play with my wife, she completely destroys me. She usually doubles my score effortlessly because she manages the board extremely well.

And although I get my butt kicked more often than not, I love playing Scrabble on our special edition board. It’s made from wood, rotates and comes with drawers to keep everything secured inside.

There is, however, a luxury edition of this classic game that goes beyond the version we have and includes:

  • Faux ivory letter tiles
  • Faux leather tile pouch
  • Wooden tile racks with gold-toned metal ends
  • Timer with gold-toned metal ends
  • Rotating game board with raised metal grid

This high-end version of Scrabble is both elegant and sophisticated. All the individual components are elevated in functionality which results in an overall wonderful gaming experience.

Playing on this version, you can definitely spell L-U-X-U-R-Y.

Looking for the complete rules to play Scrabble? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 5 to 60 minutes
Players: 2
Transportability: High
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 1 minutes
Expansions: No
Price: $140 – $170

Backgammon luxury set board game

Turns out, at the dawn of civilization, our ancient ancestors were probably just as geeky as we are today.

That’s because history shows us that they invented and enjoyed playing backgammon, a tabletop board game that’s at least 5,000 years old!

Those early versions were made from handcrafted materials. And, as time has gone by, the craftsmanship has gotten more intricate and elaborate.

However, nowadays, you can get a low-cost version of Backgammon made from inexpensive materials.

But, I feel that a board game with such a long history deserves an incredible board to suit. And thankfully, there’s a high-end version that’s available for anyone to enjoy!

This high-end, luxury set of Backgammon includes:

  • Wooden case with detailed metal crests and faux-crocodile skin
  • Hand crafted, wood carved playing pieces with leather inlays and felt lined
  • Gorgeous artwork on the inner playing surface

An age-old game such as Backgammon deserves to be played on an equally timeless board and this one is surely a beauty!

Looking for the complete rules to play Backgammon? Check them out here.


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