5 Ridiculously Fun Board Games to Bring on a Picnic

A really great way to shake-up and inject some excitement at your next picnic get-together is by bringing a few board games for everyone to enjoy.

But, not all board games are created equal, and some are definitely more “picnic friendly” than others.

These are my key criteria for the perfect picnic board game:

  • Highly transportable and able to fit in a small bag
  • Relatively moderate play time, probably under an hour for most people to enjoy
  • Good for small groups between 2 and 6 people
  • Simple rules so that everyone can play without much fuss

So, check out this list of the 5 best board games to bring on a picnic.

Gameplay: 15 to 30 minutes
Players: 2 to 4
Transportability: Medium
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 2 minutes
Expansions: Yes
Price: $20 to $30

Kingdomino board game

Kingdomino is such a simple, yet highly addictive board game that’s both competitive and quick to play, making it perfect for a picnic. And, for its surprisingly low cost, just oozes with value.

The objective of Kingdomino is to gather and build the most lucrative 5 x 5 square kingdom around your castle using domino tiles, earning you points based on the number of connected terrain territories.

You don’t need a perfectly flat surface to play. A blanket on the ground, or the top of a picnic table is good enough to play on. And the tiles are heavy enough that they won’t get blown away if the wind picks up.

The low set-up time, relatively quick play-time, and dynamic gameplay makes Kingdomino a great option for any outdoor get-together!

Looking for the complete rules to play Kingdomino? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 15 to 20 minutes
Players: 2 to 5
Transportability: High
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 1 minute
Expansions: No
Price: $10 to $15

Monopoly Deal Board Game

Monopoly deal is a card-based board game that is just as competitive as its older brother but at a fraction of the complexity. The packaging is roughly the size of two regular decks of cards, so it’ll easily fit into a bag or picnic basket.

Unlike traditional Monopoly, Monopoly Deal takes only 15 to 20 minutes to play! And the rules are a whole lot simpler. The first player who is able to collect three complete sets of properties wins.

The board game consists of cards, that’s it. No dice, scoreboard, or timer. It’s completely uncomplicated and easy enough to explain to kids. And, since it’s just cards, you can play Monopoly Deal virtually anywhere. I’ve even played in airport lobbies!

Personally, bringing Monopoly deal anywhere and everywhere is a no-brainer. The low setup time, simple rules, and high re-playability makes Monopoly Deal an ideal board game to bring to your next picnic.

Looking for the complete rules to play Monopoly Deal? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 20 to 60 minutes
Players: 2 to 8
Transportability: High
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Expansions: Yes
Price: $20 to $30

Citadels Board Game

Tailor-made for larger groups and great for outdoor gatherings, in Citadels the board game, players are constantly switching characters in an attempt to gain power and points, all the while undermining their component’s attempts at success.

During the game, players take turns selecting 1 of 8 character cards in secret. Each character has their own unique ability, which becomes evident during the action phase of gameplay.

Some characters give you more points, others let you chose your next character first, and others all-together block rival characters from maneuvering during the action phase.

The goal is to systematically choose characters that help increase your income so that you can build district cards (which earn you points). Once any player builds their 8th district card, the game ends, and the player with the most points wins!

So, to add some friendly competition to your next picnic without much effort, why not bring Citadels? It’s small, simple, and loads of fun for young and old.

Looking for the complete rules to play Citadels? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 15 to 20 minutes
Players: 2 to 5
Transportability: High
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 1 minute
Expansions: No
Price: $15 to $20

Cards Against Humanity Board Game

If you haven’t heard, Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious card-based party board game that is a blast to play, especially when a few “ice-cold beverages” are to be had.

Not only is it a fantastic ice-breaker, and perfect for a picnic with friends or family, it’s so darn simple!

Players attempt to complete fill-in-the-blank statements with words or phrases that are the most bold, brash, offensive, insensitive, or politically incorrect printed on playing cards.

For the uninitiated, it can be somewhat jarring but it’s meant to rouse innocent provocation and intense laughter which makes it great for all sorts of outdoor events!

Looking for the complete rules to play Cards Against Humanity? Check them out here.

Gameplay: 5 to 10 minutes
Players: 3 to 10
Transportability: High
Difficulty to Learn: Low
Setup Time: 2 minutes
Expansions: Yes
Price: $15 to $25

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Board Game

If you’re looking for a great way to inject some excitement and intrigue into your picnic, then I would highly suggest a few rounds of One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

This quick yet engaging group board game is simple to play and great for players of all ages.

In this role-playing game, each player randomly selects a character card and keeps it secret. There are two basic teams: the werewolves and the towns folk. The goal of towns people is to uncover the werewolves, whereas the werewolves’ goal is to remain undiscovered.

During the “night phase” all players close their eyes. One by one, each character is prompted to complete their special action. Some actions let players rearrange the character placements, whereas others let players peak at other players’ role cards.

During the “day phase” players deliberate and try to smoke out the werewolves using social deduction before time runs out!

Personally, I’ve played this board game a lot with friends while at university get-togethers. It was interesting to see how everyone dealt with false accusations or how they interpreted all the information in so little time.

So, if you’re looking for a light-hearted but inclusive board game that’s perfect for a picnic then check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf!

Looking for the complete rules to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf? Check them out here.


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